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Can I use any Browser?

I am receiving `Security Certificate' errors, what should I do?

How do I establish a new OPMIS account?

I am getting a `Client Certificate' error, what should I do?

Where is the NROTC Scholarship application link?

Why is my NETFOCUS Gateway account deleted if I don't login within 45 days?

Why is my Account not found?

I just received notification that my account will be set to inactive in 10 days, what do I need to do to keep it active?

Why does my account keep getting set to inactive? When I try to login I receive `Your account is inactive, click on the Reactivate Account link or contact us for reactivation message.

I just registered, how do I set my password?

What are the minimum requirements for a password?

I just registered but have not received my confirmation email.

I just registered, but I do not see a link for the Seaman To Admiral (STA21) application?

I received an email stating my account has been deleted, will I have to submit a new application?

I have completed my registration but still cannot see the STA21-Application link.

When trying to register I receive a message stating Email address is currently in use by another user.

I forgot the email address I registered with.

I am entering the right login information, why am I getting a message stating my account is about to be locked?